Outreach Provision

Woodfield School Outreach provision

Outreach is a practical advice and support service from one educational setting to another.

Woodfield outreach supports both primary and secondary schools and offers bespoke advice, training and support on a range of additional needs.

Our Outreach offer includes: -

Β· Individual pupil observations with feedback

Β· Supported consultations with schools and parents/carers

Β· Senco visits

Β· Telephone consultations

Β· Staff or whole school training

Β· Staff support/consultations

We welcome visits to Woodfield. If you would like to know more about our work, please contact Lesley Fenton on lfenton@woodfield-school.co.uk

We work closely with Carwarden House school, The Park school and Philip Southcote school as part of the Surrey Inclusion Outreach service.