16 - 19 Frequenctly Asked Questions

What is the criteria for attending Woodfield Post 16?

Students will be 16-19 years of age (Year 12, 13, 14) and have an EHCP.

How long can students attend Woodfield Post 16 for?

Most students attend for 2 years. Some students have completed 1 year and felt that they are ready to move on and some students have attended for 3 years, needing an extra year to continue developing their skills, confidence and knowledge.

How do we apply for Woodfield Post 16?

Previously applications were made through the Surrey County Council website but this year (Nov, 2021) we have been advised that Surrey Caseworkers will contact parents with an updated EHCP naming the potential student destination, based on discussions at the Year 11 Transition Reviews. It is advised to try and visit Woodfield Post 16 before Year 10 Annual Reviews and Year 11 Transition Reviews.

Can we come and look around Woodfield Post 16?

Visits to Woodfield Post 16 are highly encouraged. We don’t have an Open Day, preferring to individually show parents/carers and students around the centre so that you can get a feel for how the centre operates. To book an appointment please email Head of Post 16, Bill Jenkins at bjenkins@woodfield.surrey.sch.uk or phone on 01737 645 432 or 07774502319.

*Please note that from Sept 2021 we have started offering real life after school tours again, following Covid19 guidance, but if you are uncomfortable with this virtual video tours can also be arranged.