Year 7 Induction

Welcome to Woodfield School’s website page for parents and pupils who will join us in September 2022!

We hope this page will give you all the information you may need.

However, should you have any questions at all about Woodfield School or induction then please contact the school office or ask to speak to Mrs Emma Digby, who is the Acting Deputy Head Teacher responsible for KS3.

At Woodfield School it is our aim to ensure a smooth transition for both the pupils and their families. We aim to do this by:

  • Offering parents, their children and staff from their present school an opportunity to attend an open morning.

  • This will help answer questions for everyone and will aid the school’s preparation the new Y7s joining us.

  • Visiting pupils in their school and attending their Y6 EHCP transition reviews whenever possible.

  • Being easily available to answer questions throughout the process.

  • Having a full transition day for pupils in the summer term.

  • Inviting families to the school BBQ in the summer term.

  • Home visits in the summer from the Y7 tutors to ensure pupils are fully prepared for September.

Induction Days

Our induction days are very successful.

  • Ensured pupils and families are familiar with the layout of the school and know who key staff members are during the transition and in Year 7.

  • Allowed parents and carers to meet other families who will also be in Year 7.

  • Give Woodfield staff an opportunity to get to know the children early on and help them prepare for next year.

  • Advised and prepared parents/carers for having children in secondary school.

Additional visits

We aim to ensure that a member of Woodfield staff visits new pupils in their current school. When possible, we also attend any EHCP reviews that are remaining this term.

In some cases, some pupils complete additional short visits to help with their transition.

If you have any questions regarding Y7 Induction, you can contact us on 01737 642 623 or