Active Learn

What is Active Learn?

Active Learn is a powerful whole school reading programme that is proven to raise attainment in reading and spelling โ€“ and loved by lots of children in the UK. It brilliantly combines stunning books and an incredible online reading world, filled to the brim with kid-favourite characters to hook children into a lifelong love of books and develop confident young readers.

What makes Active Learn so special?

  • Active Learnโ€™s beautiful books help to raise reading and spelling attainment across the school in boys and girls alike. There are over 500 eBooks featuring popular characters children know and love, like Shrek, Doctor Who, Lego and Timmy Time.

  • Active Learn sparks enthusiasm with online quizzes, games and rewards to make reading even more fun.

  • Active Learnโ€™s new integrated โ€˜Progress and Assessโ€™ tools and tests help teachers build a well-rounded picture of progress, attainment and performance against Age Related Expectations. What makes Active Learn so special is the fact that itโ€™s filled with books that children would choose themselves. Active Learn is where Shrek rubs shoulders with Doctor Who, Sarah and Duck sit side by side with Timmy Time and Batman shares a shelf with Wallace and Gromit.

A brilliant online reading world

Active Learnโ€™s online reading world really makes Active Learn stand out from other reading programmes. Road-tested by children, for children, the online reading world is home to all of the Active Learnโ€™s eBooks, fun quizzes, games, and fantastic rewards that todayโ€™s computer-savvy children simply love.

Active Learn Comprehension

Active Learn Comprehension is a fresh new approach to guided reading and comprehension that helps every child master deep comprehension.



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