Parent FAQ's

Below is a list of questions we are most frequently asked here at the school, and our answers to them

How do I get my child to come to Woodfield School?

To attend Woodfield your child will need an EHCP. Woodfield is a school for pupils with Learning and Additional Needs. Contact your SEN office for more details.

When does school start and finish?

Pupils have registration at 9.00am and finish school at 3.20pm.

Are Woodfield children allowed their ears pierced?

Yes but only with a single stud. Pupils should only get their ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holiday in order to allow the recommended 6 weeks of healing to ensure the hole does not close again. Pupils cannot wear earrings for PE.

What is the homework policy?

The main homework at Woodfield is the expectation that all pupils will read at home for at least 10 minutes four times a week. There are also weekly spellings and there may be a single piece of maths homework per week too.

How can I take my child out in term time?

Holiday in term time is only given in exceptional circumstances. Please ask the office for an authorised leave of absence form and return it to Mrs Terri Wyse with as much notice as possible.

Are there any staff vacancies?

Speak to the office staff on 01737 642623