An introduction to e-Safety

Students interact with technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet on a daily basis and experience a wide range of opportunities and situations.

The social interaction and learning opportunities are greatly beneficial but can occasionally place young people in danger.

They need to learn ways they can take care of their own safety and security.

As a school we endeavour to develop skills and attitudes that equip students for our increasingly technological society.

To do this we all have to work within a framework, which allows for safety and security and raises awareness of issues affecting our school and the wider community.

Internet use is a part of the curriculum and a necessary tool for the school community. Students will learn how to locate, retrieve and exchange information using ICT.

Here are some very useful websites for parents and students.

Facebook Safety

This link leads to the safety policy for Facebook and tips for staying safe while using the network.

Internet Safety: Facebook

This site provides links to various articles/posts on issues pertaining to Facebook. These topics range from safety strategies to the pros and cons of social networking.

Internet Safety

This site contains links, discussion boards, and articles on children and internet safety.

This is a site that provides families with all the tools, education, and resources they need to stay safe online and to implement an Internet safety strategy in their homes.