Key Information

Woodfield Post 16

Situated on the grounds of Woodfield School in Merstham, Woodfield Post 16-19 is a separate setting designed for Year 12 and 13 students with an EHCP, who are not quite ready to attend college or begin work.

Our aim is for every student to:

  • Be fully immersed in an individual, real life based programme that will further develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes.

  • Become positive and active members of society.

  • Develop independence and self-confidence in order to undertake the range of opportunities that life has to offer.

  • Lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Woodfield Post 16 is an intimate setting with a maximum of 20 students who enjoy the calm, relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Students wear their own clothes rather than a school uniform while staff and students all call each other by their first names. At break and lunch times, students have full access to the fantastic facilities available and can be found cooking their own lunch, listening to music, making puzzles, creating art , playing sport or just relaxing in the garden having a chat with their friends.

Post 16 Timetable.

The Woodfield Post 16 Autumn Timetable has been designed to meet the needs, interests and abilities of all students. We aim to give students the real life experiences needed for not only this point in their lives, but to help set them up to be confident and independent adults in the future. The timetable will change in the Spring Term to ensure all students have the chance to undertake all of the experiences offered.

Sept 2022 Timetable Autumn Term.pdf


Woodfield Post 16 Curriculum 2022-2023.docx

Post 16 Curriculum 2022-23

Students at Woodfield Post 16 work towards achieving accredited units in a range of areas including:

  • Numeracy

  • Communication (English)

  • World of Work

  • Home Management

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Environment & Community

  • ICT

  • Personal Skills

The units are chosen based entirely on the needs of the pupils and we have the flexibility to be able to change these when needed. The attached document presents what units we expect the current cohort of students to undertake in their potential two years at Woodfield Post 16.

To see more detail about each unit, go to the OCR website.

Achievement, Progress and Destinations.

Achievement and Progress

Most of our students are working at Entry Level stage for the majority of their courses. We work closely with feeder schools to understand student levels on first joining Post 16 and we then track data closely during their time with us.


Upon leaving Post 16, student levels are passed onto the next placement, in most cases college. Most of our students next step will be to attend the supportive Life Skills unit that local colleges have, although some past students have gone onto Level 1 courses, gone to specialist placements, undertaken Supported Internships or taken on a part or full time job.