Student Council

Investing in Children (IiC) is a UK initiative that promotes human rights of children and young people

The Investing in Children award scheme recognises and celebrates examples of imaginative and inclusive practice with young people.

Woodfield School had to provide evidence that its students have a ‘voice’ which has led to improvement overall.

We were successful in gaining the Award!

Our School Council were interviewed and below are some of the things they said.

School Council

There is an active school council at the school. Pupils are elected by their class to be on the council on a yearly basis. Meetings are chaired by Mrs Hetherington. Mr Warren is our liaison Governor “We have an election. If you want to be on the school council you have to put your name down and then everyone in your class votes for a school council member and a deputy for their class”


The council has its own budget (£500) which it can spend throughout the year. “Whenever we need something we get it. Last year we had some money left over so the school council decided to do a disco at the end of the year!


Minutes are taken at each meeting by one of the staff and sent to council members to check and take to their class to feedback. “We go through them with our class and tell them what has happened.

"Sometimes we have to read them and make them more friendly and easy to understand but that’s ok!”

“We keep all our minutes in our files and anyone can look at them”

“If the student struggles with reading them the teacher will help you and explain it to the class”

“It’s good as we get to have a say on stuff and say our ideas”

“It’s important having a school council so we know what the pupils want for the school”

“It’s good we get to improve things… its extraordinary!”

“I quite like it! (The school council)”

"It’s pretty good as we all get to have our say and get listened to!”

“I think school council is good. If we didn’t have a school council we would just get told how our school is run but it’s not like that. We get to have a say and decide things. It’s not all down to the teachers!”

“It is excellent as we get to know what students want and try to get it”

“I think school council is good, we get to have a say on loads of things. A few years ago we asked for IPAD’s and we got some. Now we have about 30 of them!”


All classes adopt a charity and do fundraising throughout the year. “Each year we all choose a charity to raise money for in each class. The school council then vote on what it should be!”

Anti-Bullying Policy

"Pupils have been involved in creating a pupil friendly Anti-bullying policy. “We did this!”