Woodfield Post 16-19

Situated on the grounds of Woodfield School in Merstham, Woodfield Post 16-19 is a separate setting designed for Year 12 and 13 students with an EHCP, who are not quite ready to attend college or begin work.

Our aim is for every student to:

  • Be fully immersed in an individual, real life based programme that will further develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes.
  • Become positive and active members of society.
  • Develop independence and self-confidence in order to undertake the range of opportunities that life has to offer.
  • Lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Woodfield Post 16 is an intimate setting with a maximum of 20 students who enjoy the calm, relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Students wear their own clothes rather than a school uniform while staff and students all call each other by their first names. At break and lunch times, students have full access to the fantastic facilities available and can be found cooking their own lunch, listening to music, making puzzles, creating art on ipads, playing sport or just relaxing in the garden having a chat with their friends.

The following table gives you a clear idea of what to expect at Woodfield Post 16.

Learning area Key activities Qualification title (OCR Entry Level 1-3)
Functional Life Skills -English





-Travel Training


-Communication units that involve reading and writing*

-Numeracy units that involve money, number, measure, time and data*

-Know How to Use ICT Safely

-Planning and Preparing a Simple Meal

-Following a Simple Recipe

-Basic Food Preparation

-Travel Within the Community: Going Places

Work -Work Experience in Merstham, Reigate and Caterham on the Hill

-World of Work sessions

-Visits and workshops


-Preparation for Work

-Carrying Out Routine Tasks at Work

Health, Wellbeing and Citizenship -YMCA gym





-Healthy Living

-Individual Responsibilities in the Community

-Dealing With Problems in Everyday Life

-Taking Part in a Performance


Life and Leisure -Activities Week  including a 4 day/3 night residential with activities devised by the students (beach trip, cinema, bowling, woodland walks,

-Day trips/excursions both locally and



-Exhibiting an Art or Craft Product

-Making the Most of Leisure Time

-Preparing and Planting a Site


*Units chosen depend on need and ability of student. For further details, please look at Curriculum Map 2019 to 2020



Please click on the following link to see the current Woodfield Post 16 timetable

Timetable September 2019

Achievements and destinations

Please click on the following documents to see results, achievements and destinations for past and present pupils

Achievements and destinations 2017   2017 End of Year Progress

Achievement and destinations for 2018 2018 End of Year Progress

Achievement and destinations 2019 2019 End of Year Progress


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To download the latest Ofsted report please click on the following link ofsted-report-2016

Contact us

To get in contact please phone Head of Post 16, Bill Jenkins on 01737 645 432 or email bjenkins@woodfield.surrey.sch.uk