Woodfield School have a 2018/2019 development plan which ensures key priorities for the school are addressed in order that we can provide an outstanding provision for our young people.

Our targets are divided in to four key areas and are set by the school’s senior leaders in conjunction with the school Governing body.

The targets are divided in to much smaller targets and these are monitored continually throughout the year.

Leadership & Management 1. Focus relentlessly on improving teaching and learning
2. Further develop cross-curricular Literacy 11-16.
3. Maximise teacher performance through coaching.
4. Identify and articulate the values of Woodfield School.
5. Engage parents/carers in Family Learning Sessions.
6. Assess the progress of pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium, compare to peers (in year, by teacher and by support) following any summative assessment and as appropriate at half-terms, using the developing SOLAR tool.
7. Develop the Assessment and Reporting procedures in school.
8. Review and develop all areas of the school curriculum with the input of stakeholders to ensure appropriateness.
9. Further increase the skillset of Designated Safeguarding Lead.
10. Follow effectively Regulations and Guidance pertaining to the Prevent strategy, SMSC and Fundamental British Values.
Teaching, Learning & Assessment 1. Embed functional maths skills in non-maths lessons.
2. Improve provision in English for pupils with specific learning difficulties.
3. To put in place new accreditation for Entry Level Functional Skills ready for post-2016.
4. Embed good Reading habits for all students, building on success to date.
Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare 1. To prepare pupils for real life emergency situations.
2. To maximise students’ roles and responsibilities across the school.
3. To accelerate the interventions/approaches for students with Social, Emotional & Behaviour difficulties.
4. To extend travel training opportunities to include independent travel.
5. To strengthen links with YMCA Youth Services Support/ Reigate and Banstead Council.
Outcomes for students 1. To revise KS4 curriculum in light of students/family concerns.
2. Raise achievement in English and Maths accreditation by focussing on Level 1.
3. Pupils’ attendance is rigorously monitored and encouraged.